V-100 Командос

Cadillac Gage Commando

РоляБронирана кола
Предназначениюни 1962

1. Кадилак Гейдж КомандоЧесто наричан M706 във военната служба на САЩ, е американски брониран автомобил, проектиран да бъде амфибия. Той е проектиран от Кадилак Гейдж специално за военния полицейски корпус на САЩ по време на войната във Виетнам като въоръжен конвой ескорт превозно средство. Commando е един от първите автомобили, които съчетават традиционно отделните роли на бронетранспортьор и конвенционален брониран автомобил, подобно на съветския BTR-40. Неговата забележителна височина, амфибия и хидроизолиран двигател позволяват на американските екипажи да се бият ефективно в джунглите на Виетнам, като наблюдават опонентите си над гъста растителност и претоварват дълбоките реки на страната.

Източник: Кадилак Гейдж Командо в Уикипедия

V-100 Commando Walk Around
PhotographerVladimir Yakubov
LocalisationOntario Regiment Museum, Oshawa
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The Cadillac Gage Commando is a series of armored vehicles that were designed and produced by the American company Cadillac Gage in the 1960s and 1970s. The Commando was originally intended for the US Military Police Corps as an amphibious convoy escort vehicle during the Vietnam War, but it was also adopted by other branches of the US military and by many foreign countries for various roles. The Commando was one of the first vehicles to combine the functions of an armored personnel carrier and an armored car, offering both protection and mobility to its crew and passengers.
The Commando series consisted of three main models: the V-100, the V-150, and the V-200, each with different specifications and configurations. The V-100 was the first and most widely used model, with a Chrysler V8 gasoline engine, a five-speed manual transmission, and a four-wheel drive system. The V-100 had a welded steel hull that could resist small arms fire and shell fragments, and it was equipped with a turret that could mount various weapons, such as machine guns, grenade launchers, or recoilless rifles. The V-100 could carry up to 12 people, including three crew members and nine passengers. The V-100 was also amphibious, with a water jet propulsion system that allowed it to cross rivers and lakes.
The V-150 was a modified version of the V-100, with a heavier armor, a diesel engine, an automatic transmission, and a six-wheel drive system. The V-150 had a larger turret that could accommodate heavier weapons, such as a 90mm cannon or a 20mm autocannon. The V-150 could carry up to 10 people, including three crew members and seven passengers. The V-150 was also amphibious, but with a lower speed and maneuverability in water than the V-100. The V-200 was a further development of the V-150, with a longer hull, a more powerful diesel engine, an improved suspension system, and an eight-wheel drive system. The V-200 had a spacious turret that could mount various weapons, such as a 105mm howitzer or a TOW missile launcher. The V-200 could carry up to 14 people, including three crew members and 11 passengers. The V-200 was not amphibious, but it had a high ground clearance and excellent off-road performance.
The Cadillac Gage Commando was used in many conflicts around the world, such as the Cambodian Civil War, the Lebanese Civil War, the Gulf War, and the Battle of Marawi. The Commando proved to be a versatile and reliable vehicle that could adapt to different terrains and situations. The Commando was also produced under license by other countries, such as Portugal (Bravia Chaimite) and Indonesia (Pindad Komodo). The Commando was gradually retired from active service in the US military by the 1990s, but it is still used by some countries and organizations today.

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