Das waffen arsenal 077 - Deutsche Panzer-Raritäten 1935-1945

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A documentation signed Waffen Arsenal la revue «Chars Allemands Rares – Waffen Arsenal 077» .

The German army has developed relatively few armoured special, mainly due to the urgency in the construction of tanks classic. Also, the armored amphibious (Tauchpanzer and L. W. S) were not built in series, and the PzKfw IV anti-personnel mines. Some tanks installers of the bridge was put to the test. More numerous were the armoured troubleshooting (Bergepanzer collecting the armor damaged; not armed), on most of the chassis existing, and the ammunition carriers (Munitionsschlepper Hummel : 157 example and Wespe : 159 example). Some panzer were dedicated to the observation close to the artillery, and were often equipped with cannons, dummy in order not to betray their employment (Panzerbeobachtung III : 262 example 43-44). Other (tanks of command, or Befehlspanzer) were identical to the original model but using a loop antenna or umbrella for the radio equipment additional.

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The weapons arsenal 077 - Deutsche Panzer-Raritäten 1935-1945
Chars Allemands Rares – Waffen Arsenal 077
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