McDonnell F3H-2M Demon

McDonnell F3H Demon

Земља САД
Улога Палубный борац
Први лет 7 August 1951
Изграђен 519

У Мекдонел F3H Demon was a subsonic swept-wing United States Navy carrier-based jet fighter aircraft. The successor to the F2H Banshee, the Demon was redesigned with the J71 engine after severe problems with the Westinghouse J40 engine that was part of the original design but ultimately abandoned. Though it lacked sufficient power for supersonic performance, it complemented daylight dogfighters such as the Vought F8U Crusader and Grumman F11F Tiger as an all-weather, missile-armed interceptor until 1964.

Извор: Демон мекдонел F3H из Википедије
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McDonnell F3H-2M Demon Walk Around
Фотограф Оеэп Хендрикс
Локација Непозната
Слике 47
Wait, Searching McDonnell F3H Demon for you…

Демон мекдонел F3H по Нет-Распореда

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EMHAR - EM3001
F3H Demon F3H-2 (F-3B)
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