Northrop YF-23

Northrop YF-23a

VlogoStealth fighter tehnologija demonstrator
Prvi let27 August 1990

The Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23 was an American single-seat, twin-engine stealth fighter aircraft technology demonstrator designed for the United States Air Force (USAF). The design was a finalist in the USAF’s Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) competition, battling the Lockheed YF-22 for a production contract. Two YF-23 prototypes were built, nicknamed “Black Widow II” and “Gray Ghost”.

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Northrop YF-23 Walk Around
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Northrop YF-23 Walk Around
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YF-23 Black Widow II Walk Around
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V Northrop YF-23 was a prototype fighter aircraft designed by Northrop Corporation for the United States Air Force’s Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) program. The YF-23 competed against the Lockheed YF-22 for the contract to produce the next-generation air superiority fighter for the USAF. The YF-23 was a stealthy, twin-engine, twin-tail aircraft with a diamond-shaped wing and a V-shaped tail. The YF-23 had two variants: one with Pratt & Whitney YF119 engines and one with General Electric YF120 engines.
The YF-23 flew for the first time on August 27, 1990, and completed six test flights before the ATF program was concluded in April 1991. The USAF selected the YF-22 as the winner of the ATF competition, and the YF-23 program was canceled. The two YF-23 prototypes were retired and sent to museums, where they remain on display to this day.

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