Dassault Mirage F1

Dassault Mirage F.1

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Fotogalerija Dassault Mirage F.1, at Tartu aviation museum Estonia The Dassault Mirage F1 is a French fighter and attack aircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation as a successor of the Mirage III family. The Mirage F1 entered service in the French Air Force (Armée de l’Air) in 1974. Powered by a single SNECMA Atar turbojet providing about 7 tonnes-force (69 kN; 15,000 lbf) of thrust, the Mirage F1 has been used as a light multipurpose fighter and has been exported to about a dozen nations. More than 720 Mirage F1s have been produced.

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besedilo Dassault Mirage F.1 is a French fighter and attack aircraft that was designed and built by Dassault Aviation in the 1960s and 1970s. It was a successor to the popular Mirage III family, but with a swept wing instead of a delta wing. The Mirage F.1 was capable of performing both interception and ground attack missions, with a high speed, long range and low landing speed. The Mirage F.1 was equipped with a single SNECMA Atar 9K-50 turbojet engine, which provided about 70 kN of thrust with afterburner.
It also had a Thomson-CSF Cyrano IV radar, two 30 mm DEFA cannons and seven hardpoints for various weapons, including air-to-air missiles, bombs, rockets and pods. The Mirage F.1 was exported to several countries, including Iraq, Iran, Libya, Spain and South Africa. It saw combat action in many conflicts, such as the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War, the South African Border War and the Libyan Civil War. The Mirage F.1 was retired from the French Air Force in 2014, but some are still in service with other operators or used as aggressor aircraft by private contractors.

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