Dassault Mirage 2000D

VlogoTaktično bomber
Prvi polet3 februarja 1986

V Dassault Mirage 2000N je varianta Mirage 2000 izdelani za jedrske stavke. To tvori jedro francoski zrak, ki temelji taktičnega jedrskega odvračanja. V Mirage 2000D is its conventional attack counterpart. Dassault has also developed the Mirage 2000D, which is a development of the Mirage 2000N designed for long-range precision strikes with conventional weapons. This aircraft is exactly the same as the Mirage 2000N, but introduces support for conventional attack missiles such as the Apache and Scalp missiles, as well as the AASM weapons. The first aircraft, converted from the Mirage 2000N prototype, flew on 19 February 1991, and the French Air Force ordered a total of 86 aircraft.

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