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Kayaba “Katsuodori”


Japan had already begun to develop the fly wing glider before the World War II. In order to reach the further demands of army, Kayaba had developed three type of fly wing glider successively. The blueprints of Kayaba “Katsuodori” fly wing were accomplished at the end of April, 1940 and the prototype was produced very soon. The airframe was metal skin. Its length, altitude and wingspan were 4.48m, 1.85m and 8.99m respectively. Although the product had made the transition from glider to power fly wing, its military number which provided by Japanese Army still denoted glider:”Ku-4”. The attitude of Japanese Army was disappointed by the Type 2 crash which happened at the Tachikawa airport in May 10th, 1941. The funds of Kayaba “Katsuodori” were hold back. Furthermore, the Pacific war was intensified to expand at the same time, most attention of Japanese Army was focused on the production of military planes. So the Japanese Army did not carry any longer about the development of fly wing techniques. At last, Kayaba “Katsuodori” became the experiment which invested by Kayaba Company itself. This kit is the type of ram-jet power according to the original designs. Its engine is copied from HeS001 Type A ram-jet engine of Germany. The armament is a pair of 30 mm cannon on the both sides of nose. And for a bomber, it is easy to carry Kayaba “Katsuodori” to increase the range.

Highly detailed WWII Japanese Kayaba“Katsuodori”Ram-Jet Fighter in scale 1/72 with its length of 62mm, height of 21mm and wingspan of 125mm. Two kits are included in the box. Delicate presentation of the accurate fuselage, detailed cockpit and the air inlet. Rocket booster, ground handling trolley and bomber’s pylon are also supplied for various applications. IJA and IJN painting styles are included.

Laukti, Ieško Meng Modelis jums...
Kayaba Katsuodori - Meng Modelis
Kayaba Katsuodori – Meng Modelis
Kayaba Katsuodori - Meng Modelis
Kayaba Katsuodori – Meng Modelis
Kayaba Katsuodori - Meng Modelis
Kayaba Katsuodori – Meng Modelis
Kayaba Katsuodori - Meng Modelis
Kayaba Katsuodori – Meng Modelis
Laukti, Ieško Meng Modelis jums...

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