Grumman S2F-1Tracker

Grumman S-2 Tracker

역할Airframe anti-submarine warfare
먼저 항공편4 December 1952

의 사진 갤러리 Grumman S2F-1Tracker, The Grumman S-2 Tracker (previously S2F prior to 1962) was the first purpose-built, single airframe anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft to enter service with the U.S. Navy. Designed and initially built by Grumman, the Tracker was of conventional design with twin reciprocating propeller engines, a high wing and tricycle undercarriage. The type was exported to a number of navies around the world. Introduced in 1952, the Tracker and its E-1 Tracer derivative saw service in the U.S. Navy until the mid-1970s, and its C-1 Trader derivative until the mid-1980s, with a few aircraft remaining in service with other air arms into the 21st century. Argentina and Brazil are the last countries to still use the Tracker.

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Grumman S2F-1 Tracker
사진Libor Spurek
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사진시스 Hendriks

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사진블라디미르 Yakubov
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