Krupp Kfz.81 Protze

TKrupp Kfz.81 Protze

SzerepetTüzérségi traktor / Haszongépjármű

Az L 2 H 43 és L 2 H 143 "Krupp-Protze” (unofficial designation) was a six-wheeled 6×4 German truck and artillery tractor produced between 1934 and 1941 and heavily used in World War II. It was powered by a 4-cylinder, 55 hp or, from 1936, 60 hp Krupp M 304 petrol engine. Its main purpose was to tow artillery, especially the PaK 36, and transport motorized infantry. This vehicle was extensively used on the Eastern Front, during the North African campaign and in France and Sicily. The “Krupp-Protze” was of relatively advanced design. Its fuel consumption was relatively high (24 Litres / 100 km on road) in comparison to the comparable Opel Blitz 1.5 t truck (16.5 liters / 100 km, produced 1938 – 1942). Total production was about 7,000 units.

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The Krupp Kfz.81 Protze was a German military vehicle used during World War II. It was a six-wheeled truck with a 60 hp engine and a payload capacity of 1.5 tons. The Protze was mainly used as a transport and towing vehicle for light artillery and anti-aircraft guns. It could also carry up to six soldiers in the rear compartment. The Protze had a distinctive shape with a sloping hood and a flat windshield. It was equipped with a four-wheel drive system and a low-range gearbox, which gave it good off-road performance. The Protze was produced from 1933 to 1942, with over 7,000 units built. It served on all fronts of the war, from Europe to Africa and Russia. The Protze was reliable and versatile, but also had some drawbacks, such as low speed, poor fuel economy and limited protection for the crew.

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