Bushmaster 2000

Stout Bushmaster 2000

RôleAvion de ligne
Premier vol1964

L' Bushmaster 2000 was a small commuter airliner built in the United States in an attempt to revive the Ford Trimotor design. Work began in 1953 by testing a vintage Trimotor and in 1954 Bill Stout purchased the design rights to the original Trimotor. Due to « Ford Tri-Motor » licensing problems, the Ford 15-AT-D was given the Bushmaster 2000 name. On 15 January 1955, Stout and partner Robert Hayden from the Hayden Aircraft Corporation announced they were planning to build 1,000 new Bushmasters, but it would be eleven years before the first prototype of the new design flew.

Source: Stout Bushmaster 2000 on Wikipedia
Bushmaster 2000 Walk Around
PhotographeMichael Benolkin
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