Kaman SH-2F Seasprite

Kaman SH-2F Seasprite

PaísEstados UNIDOS
Tipo deShip-based helicopter
Período de1959-1969

El Kaman SH-2 Seasprite is a ship-based helicopter originally developed in the late 1950s as a fast utility helicopter for the United States Navy. In the 1970s, anti-submarine, anti-surface threat capabilities were added to the design, including over-the-horizon targeting, resulting in modifying most existing UH-2 models to the SH-2 Seasprite. This aircraft extends and increases shipboard sensor and weapon capabilities against several types of enemy threats, including submarines of all types, surface ships and patrol craft that may be armed with anti-ship missiles. It served with the U.S. Navy from the 1960s until the last SH-2G helicopters were retired in 2001.

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