Aerospatiale SA330B Puma

Aerospatiale SA330B Puma

TypStřední doprava/utility vrtulník
První let15 April 1965

Fotogalerie Aerospatiale SA330B Puma, The Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma is a four-bladed, twin-engined medium transport/utility helicopter. The Puma was originally built by Sud Aviation of France, and continued to be made by Aérospatiale. It was also license-built in Romania as the IAR 330; an advanced, unlicensed derivative, the Atlas Oryx, was made in South Africa. The Puma was a commercial success and was quickly developed into more advanced models such as the AS332 Super Puma and AS532 Cougar, manufactured by Eurocopter since the early 1990s. These descendants of the Puma remain in production in the 21st century.

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Aerospatiale SA330B Puma Chodit
FotografJean Thomas Rembert
Wait, Searching Aerospatiale SA330B Puma for you…
Aerospatiale SA330B (1024) Puma Walk Around
FotografJean Thomas Rembert
Aerospatiale SA 330J Super-Puma Chodit
FotografMeindert de Vreeze

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