Yakovlev UT-2M

Yakovlev UT-2

PapelAvión de entrenamiento
Número construido7243

El Yakovlev UT-2 (Russian: Яковлев УТ-2; NATO reporting name “Mink”) was a single-engine tandem two-seat low-wing monoplane that was the standard Soviet trainer during the Great Patriotic War. It was used by the Soviet Air Force from 1937 until replaced by the Yakovlev Yak-18 during the 1950s.

Fuente: Yakovlev UT-2 on Wikipedia

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Yakovlev UT-2M Walk Around
FotógrafoVladimir Yakubov
LocalizaciónMuseo de la técnica de Vadim Zadorozhny
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