GMC 353 - 1942 - 2 1.2 tonelada - 6x6 - Caminar

GMC CCKW 2½-ton 6×6 truck

PapelCamión de carga 6×6

el GMC CCKW era 21/2 tonelada 6×6 U.S. Army cargo truck that saw heavy service in both World War II and the Korean War. The original “Deuce and a Half”, it formed the backbone of the famed Red Ball Express that kept Allied armies supplied as they pushed eastward after the Normandy invasion. The CCKW came in many variants, including open or closed cab, long wheel base (LWB 353) and short (SWB 352), and over a score of specialized models. It began to be phased out with the deployment of the 6×6 M35 in 1950, but remained in active U.S. service until the mid-1960s. It is related to the Chevrolet G506, built at the same factory.

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GMC 353
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GMC 353 Por Net-Maquettes
M135 Walk Around
FotógrafoVladimir Yakubov

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GMC CCKW Walk Around
FotógrafoVladimir Yakubov
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GMC CCKW Por Net-Maquettes

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