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Čaj MOWAG orao je oklopno vozilo na točkovima koje je dizajnirala švajcarska MOWAG korporacija. Prošla je kroz nekoliko generacija razvoja. Sadašnje vozilo, uvedeno u novembru 2003. Originalni MOWAG Eagle koristio je šasiju i opremu za trčanje u Humveeu, dok Igl II i Orao III koriste šasiju i opremu za trčanje Humvee ECV. Prototip je sada deo Vojnog muzeja punog. MOWAG Eagle IV i V su koristili šasiju i opremu za trčanje Mowag Duro.

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The Mowag Eagle is a family of wheeled armored vehicles designed by the Swiss company Mowag. The Eagle has gone through several generations of development since its introduction in 1993. The current version, the Eagle V, is based on the chassis of the Mowag Duro III P truck. The Eagle is used for various roles such as command, reconnaissance, logistics and military police.
The Eagle can be configured as a 4×4 or a 6×6 vehicle, with different levels of protection and payload capacity. The Eagle can carry up to five crew members and is equipped with a remote weapon system that can mount various types of weapons. The Eagle has a Cummins diesel engine that gives it a maximum speed of 110 km/h and an operational range of 650 km. The Eagle has a high level of mobility and can traverse rough terrain and steep slopes.
The Eagle is used by several countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. The Swiss Army has 329 Eagle I and II vehicles that are mainly used for reconnaissance and observation missions. They are armed with a 7.5 mm machine gun and have thermal imaging and radio equipment. The Swiss Army also has 120 Eagle III vehicles that are used as mobile artillery observers. They have improved communications and surveillance equipment but lack the machine gun of previous versions.
The German Army has ordered 198 Eagle IV vehicles that are used for patrol and convoy protection missions in Afghanistan. They have a higher level of protection than previous versions and can withstand mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The German Army also plans to acquire more than 600 Eagle V vehicles that will replace some of their older armored vehicles.
The Danish Army has ordered 36 Eagle V vehicles in four different configurations: patrol, electronic warfare, support and reconnaissance. They have a modular design that allows them to adapt to different missions and threats. They also have advanced systems such as driving cameras, radios and weapons mounts.

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