Boingov model 247D

Boeing 247

UloguPassenger airliner
Prvi letFebruary 8, 1933

Čaj Boeing Model 247 was an early United States airliner, considered the first such aircraft to fully incorporate advances such as all-metal (anodized aluminium) semimonocoque construction, a fully cantilevered wing and retractable landing gear. Other advanced features included control surface trim tabs, an autopilot and de-icing boots for the wings and tailplane.

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FotografVladimir Jakubov
LokalizacijaNational Air & Space Museum
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The Boeing 247 was a groundbreaking aircraft that introduced many innovations to the aviation industry. It was an all-metal, twin-engine airliner that could carry 10 passengers and three crew members. It had a sleek design with a fully cantilevered wing, a semimonocoque structure and retractable landing gear. It also had advanced features such as trim tabs, an autopilot, de-icing boots and variable-pitch propellers. The Boeing 247 first flew on February 8, 1933 and entered service with Boeing Air Transport on May 22, 1933. It was faster than any fighter plane of its time and could fly on one engine if needed. The Boeing 247 set a new standard for passenger comfort and safety, and influenced the design of later airliners such as the Douglas DC-1.

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