Боинг КС-40А

Boeing X-40A

УлогаТест аутомобил клизање
Први летAugust 11, 1998

У Боинг КС-40А Space Maneuver Vehicle was a test platform for the X-37 Future-X Reusable Launch Vehicle. The unpiloted X-40 was built to 85% scale to test aerodynamics and navigation of the X-37 Future-X Reusable Launch Vehicle project. After the first drop test in August 1998 the vehicle was transferred to NASA, which modified it. Between April 4 and May 19, 2001 the vehicle successfully conducted seven free flights.In 2001 it successfully demonstrated the glide capabilities of the X-37’s fat-bodied, short-winged design and validated the proposed guidance system.

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Боинг КС-40А хода
Фотограф Владимир Якубов
ЛокализацијаNational Museum of the USAF, Dayton
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