Boeing Μοντέλο 247D

Boeing 247

ΡόλοΕπιβάτης αγοράσει
Πρώτη πτήσηFebruary 8, 1933

Το Boeing Model 247 was an early United States airliner, considered the first such aircraft to fully incorporate advances such as all-metal (anodized aluminium) semimonocoque construction, a fully cantilevered wing and retractable landing gear. Other advanced features included control surface trim tabs, an autopilot and de-icing boots for the wings and tailplane.

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Boeing Μοντέλο 247D με τα Πόδια Γύρω από
ΦωτογράφοςVladimir Yakubov
ΕντοπισμόςΤο National Air & Space Museum
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