Lockheed P2V-7

Lockheed P-2 Neptune

Država ZDA
Vlogo Pomorsko Patruljiranje in Anti-Podmornica Vojskovanja
Prvi polet 17 May 1945
Upokojenci 1984 From military use

The Lockheed P-2 Neptune (designated P2V by the United States Navy prior to September 1962) was a Maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft. It was developed for the US Navy by Lockheed to replace the Lockheed PV-1 Ventura and PV-2 Harpoon, and was replaced in turn by the Lockheed P-3 Orion. Designed as a land-based aircraft, the Neptune never made a carrier landing, although a small number of aircraft were converted and deployed as carrier-launched, stop-gap nuclear bombers which would have to ditch or recover at land bases. The type was successful in export and saw service with several armed forces.

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Lockheed P2V-7 (SP-2H) Neptune + Cockpit
Fotograf Cees Hendriks
Lokalizacija Neznani
Fotografije 56
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Lockheed P2V-5F Neptune
FotografVladimir Yakubov
LokalizacijaQuonset Letalski Muzej

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SP-2H Neptun "Novih Patruljnih Sheme"
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