Sikorksy JRS-1

Sikorsky JRS-1

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Na Sikorsky S-43 was a twin-engine amphibious aircraft manufactured in United States during the 1930s by the American firm Sikorsky Aircraft. The S-43 first flew in 1935, and was a smaller version of the Sikorsky S-42 “Clipper”. It accommodated between 18 and 25 passengers, with a separate two-crew forward cockpit. The S-43 was known as the “Baby Clipper” in airline service. On April 14, 1936, an S-43 with a 500 kilograms (1,100 lb) payload, piloted by Boris Sergievsky, set an altitude record for amphibious aircraft when it reached an altitude of 27,950 feet above Stamford, Connecticut. Also aboard was designer Igor Sikorsky.[2] In total, approximately 53 S-43s were built, including examples of the twin-tailed S-43B

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