Phonix J 1 D.II

Phönix D.I

RoleBiplane fighter
First flight1917

The Phönix D.I, with the D.II and D.III variants, was an Austro-Hungarian First World War biplane fighter built by the Phönix Flugzeug-Werke and based on the Hansa-Brandenburg D.I.

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The Phönix D.I was a single-seat fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by the Austrian company Phönix Flugzeug-Werke during the First World War. It was based on the Hansa-Brandenburg D.I design, but featured a more streamlined fuselage, a larger wingspan, and a more powerful engine. The Phönix D.I entered service with the Austro-Hungarian Air Service in late 1917 and proved to be a fast and agile fighter that could hold its own against the Allied aircraft. The Phönix D.I was also used by the Polish Air Force during the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921. About 158 Phönix D.I aircraft were built, and some of them survived until the 1930s.

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