Fiat CR.32

Fiat CR.32

TipoCaccia biplano
FotografiaLibor Spurek
DescrizioneAlbum di 21 foto di walk-around «Fiat CR.32»

Galleria fotografica di un Fiat CR.32, The Fiat CR.32 was an Italian biplane fighter used in the Spanish Civil War and World War II. It was compact, robust and highly manoeuvrable and gave impressive displays all over Europe in the hands of the Italian Pattuglie Acrobatiche. The CR.32 fought in North and East Africa, in Albania, and in the Mediterranean theatre. It saw service in the air forces of China, Austria, Hungary, Paraguay and Venezuela. Used extensively in the Spanish Civil War, it gained a reputation as one of the most outstanding fighter biplanes of all time. Subsequently it was overtaken by more advanced monoplane designs and was obsolete by 1939.

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