Breguet Aviation Br.1050 Alize

Bréguet 1050 Alizé

RuoloAerei antisommergibile
Primo volo6 ottobre 1956

Le Bréguet Br.1050 Alizé Il "Tradewind") era un aereo da guerra antisommergibile francese. Fu sviluppato negli anni '50, liberamente basato sul secondo prototipo di aereo d'attacco Bréguet Vultur che era stato modificato nell'aereo da guerra antisommergibile Bréguet Br.965 Épaulard.

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The Breguet 1050 Alizé was a French carrier-based aircraft designed for anti-submarine warfare missions. It first flew in 1956 and entered service with the French Navy in 1959. It was based on the Breguet Vultur, a prototype attack aircraft that was modified into the Breguet Épaulard, an early anti-submarine aircraft. The Alizé had a low-wing monoplane configuration with a single Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop engine and a retractable radar dome under the fuselage. It had a crew of three: a pilot, a radar operator and a sensor operator. It could carry a variety of weapons, including torpedoes, depth charges, rockets and missiles.
The Alizé served on several French aircraft carriers, such as the Arromanches, the Clémenceau and the Foch, until 2000. It also saw combat during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War, as 12 Alizés were operated by the Indian Navy from the carrier INS Vikrant. The Alizé was a versatile and reliable aircraft that performed well in its role of maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare.

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