ZiS-151 ZiS-151 ZiS-151

ZiS-151 ZiS-151 ZiS-151

PaysUnion soviétique
TypeCamion polyvalent
PhotographesIgor Suhin

Album de 39 photos de promenade d’un « ZiS-151 »

Galerie de photos d’un ZiS-151 ZiS-151 ZiS-151, The ZiS-151 was general-purpose truck produced by the Soviet car manufacturer Automotive Factory No. 2 Zavod imeni Stalina in 1947–1958. In 1956, the factory was renamed to Zavod imeni Likhacheva, and new trucks were called ZiL-151 (ЗиЛ-151). The ZiS-151 was the first major Soviet military all-wheel-drive truck built following World War II, replacing the imported U.S. Studebaker US6 and the earlier Soviet ZiS-6. In early 1948, the cabs were made of wood, soon replaced with a steel cab. Tens of thousands were produced, including specialized versions for hauling different types of cargo. The Soviets also found the trucks an ideal platform for BM-13 Katyusha rocket launchers.

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Lla ZiS-151 ZiS-151 ZiS-151 was a Soviet military truck that was produced from 1948 to 1958. It was the first post-war Soviet truck and the first Soviet all-wheel drive truck with a centralized tire inflation system. The ZiS-151 was designed to transport troops, cargo and tow artillery pieces in various terrain conditions. It had a payload capacity of 4 tons and a towing capacity of 6 tons. The ZiS-151 was powered by a 6-cylinder gasoline engine that produced 110 horsepower. The truck had a four-speed manual transmission and a two-speed transfer case.
Lla ZiS-151 ZiS-151 ZiS-151 was equipped with a winch, a spare wheel, a toolbox and a canvas cover. The ZiS-151 was widely used by the Soviet Army and its allies in the Cold War era. It was also exported to many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The ZiS-151 was the basis for several variants, such as the BTR-152 armored personnel carrier, the ZIL-157 replacement truck and the BM-13-16 multiple rocket launcher.

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