JB-2 Loon

Republic-Ford JB-2

RôleMissile de croisière
Dans le service1945–50

L' République-Ford JB-2, also known as the KGW and LTV-N-2 Loon, was a United States copy of the German V-1 flying bomb. Developed in 1944, and planned to be used in the United States invasion of Japan (Operation Downfall), the JB-2 was never used in combat. It was the most successful of the United States Army Air Forces Jet Bomb (JB) projects (JB-1 through JB-10) during World War II. Postwar, the JB-2 played a significant role in the development of more advanced surface-to-surface tactical missile systems such as the MGM-1 Matador and later MGM-13 Mace.

Source: République-Ford JB-2 sur Wikipédia

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JB-2 Loon Marcher Autour de
PhotographeVladimir Yakubov
LocalisationPoint De Muggles Missile Parc
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