CF-116 Μαχητής της Ελευθερίας

Canadair CF-5

ΡόλοΜαχητικό βομβαρδιστικό
Πρώτη πτήση6 May 1968

Teh Καναδάς CF-5 (officially designated the CF-116 Freedom Fighter) is the Canadair licensed-built version of the American Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter aircraft primarily for the Canadian Forces (as the CF-5) and the Royal Netherlands Air Force (as the NF-5). The CF-5 was upgraded periodically throughout its service career in Canada. The Canadian Forces retired the type in 1995, although CF-5s continue to be used by other countries.

Πηγή: Καναδάς CF-5 στη Βικιπαίδεια
Canadair CF-116 F5 Freedom Fighter Walk Around
PhotographerBill Maloney
LocalisationRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force Museum
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Northrop CF-116 (Canadian F-5) Walk Around
CF-116 Freedom Fighter Walk Around
ΦωτογράφοςDaryl Nightingale

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Περισσότερες πληροφορίες:

The Canadair CF-5 was a fighter-bomber aircraft developed by Canadair under license from Northrop. It was based on the F-5 Freedom Fighter, but had several modifications to suit the needs of the Canadian Forces and the Royal Netherlands Air Force, who were the main operators of the CF-5. The CF-5 had a two-position nose landing gear that improved takeoff performance, a midair refueling probe, more powerful engines, and a more advanced navigation system. The CF-5 also had a removable nose that could be replaced with a reconnaissance module with four cameras. The CF-5 first flew in 1968 and entered service later that year. It was used for various roles, such as light attack, strike, reconnaissance, and training. The CF-5 was retired from Canadian service in 1995, but some countries still use it today.

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