The Battle of El-Guettar - After The Battle 144

After The Battle

SeriesAfter The Battle

The battle of El-Guettar

PériodeSeconde guerre mondiale

A book signed After The Battle the journal "the Battle of El-Guettar – After The Battle 144".

The battle ofEl Guettar est une bataille de la Seconde Guerre mondiale qui s’inscrit dans la campagne de Tunisie. Elle oppose l’Afrika Korps general Hans-Jürgen von Arnim and the 2nd Corps american general George Patton in the south of Tunisia. It is the first battle in which american forces fighting units are experienced of tanks the germans.

Source: El-Guettar on Wikipedia

The Battle of El-Guettar - After The Battle 144
The Battle of El-Guettar – After The Battle 144
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