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The Battle of Leros

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After The Battle


A book signed After The Battle the magazine "Battle of Leros – After The Battle 90".

Leros was, during the Second world War the field of battle from a terrible offensive in 1943 when the Germans attempted to retake the island to the Italians (who came to change camp), the British and the Greeks. It was very heavily bombed during more than a month and a half, from 26 September to 16 November, the date on which it fell finally into the hands of the enemy.

The bay of Lakki was home to a large base of seaplanes built by the Italians, during their occupation, the more this bay is the natural harbour, the deepest in the Mediterranean, where its strategic importance to the German forces in the Mediterranean. The film The Guns of Navarone was certainly inspired by this battle, and that is why the ile of this fiction is named " Keros ".

Source: Leros on Wikipedia

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Bataille de Leros - After The Battle 90
Bataille de Leros – After The Battle 90
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