After the Battle SE - Arnhem

After The Battle

SeriesAfter The Battle

The Battle of Arnhem

PeriodWorld War II
RéfSpecial Edition

A signed book After The Battle the magazine "Arnhem – After The Battle SE".

L'opération Market Garden was an Allied military operation of World War II that took place in September 1944. This was an attempt mainly by the British armies to take bridges across the main rivers of the German-occupied Netherlands. Success would have allowed the Allies to bypass the Siegfried Line and gain access to one of Germany's main industrial centers, the Ruhr.

This operation proposed by Montgomery had met with opposition from the American generals, Patton and Bradley, who wanted to continue their offensive to the south. In fact, the real motivation of the British field marshall was more in the realm of the ego than in a real strategic logic. According to the testimonies reported by the Irish-American journalist Cornelius Ryan, the disagreement between the commander-in-chief of the 21st British Canadian Army Group and General Dwight Eisenhower, commander-in-chief of the Allied forces, was reaching new heights at that time and it was not far from the breaking point between these two strong personalities. This was the moment that Montgomery chose to launch his daring plan for an airborne operation, which was intended to unblock a blocked strategic situation by allowing a direct breakthrough in the Ruhr region, the economic heart of the Third Reich.

Source: Market Garden sur Wikipedia

After the Battle SE - Arnhem
Arnhem – After The Battle SE
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