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The Battle of Arnhem

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A book signed After The Battle the journal "Arnhem – After The Battle".

The operation Market Garden is a military operation, coupled primarily airborne of the Second world War which took place in September 1944. It was an attempt primarily conducted by the british army to take bridges crossing the main rivers of the netherlands occupied by the Germans. The success would have allowed the Allies to bypass the Siegfried line and gain access to one of the main industrial centers of Germany, the Ruhr.

This operation, proposed by Montgomery had met with the opposition of the american generals, Patton and Bradley, who wanted to continue their offensive to the south. In fact, the true motivation of field-marshall the british was more the domain of the ego as a real strategic logic. According to testimonies reported by the reporter for an american-irish Cornelius Ryan, the disagreement between the commander-in-chief of the 21st army Group british canadian and general Dwight Eisenhower, commander-in-chief of the allied forces, was at this time of the summits and it was not far off the breaking point between these two strong personalities. This is the moment chosen by Montgomery to launch his bold plan for airborne operation which was to unblock a strategic position for a bite, allowing for a breakthrough directly on the Ruhr region, the economic heart of the Third Reich.

Source: Market Garden sur Wikipedia

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After the Battle SE - Arnhem
Arnhem – After The Battle SE
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