AEC Mk.III Pansrede Bil - MiniArt 35159


Ref 35159
Type Pansrede Bil
Skala 1/35

AEC Mk.III Armoured Car

En model af mærket MiniArt kit: AEC Mk.III Pansrede Bil – MiniArt 35159.
Model details:

-Highly detailed model
-537 plastic parts
-52 PE parts
-Decals are included
-Full-color instruction
-All New Tooling. Up-to-date technology using sliding moulds.
-Fully detailed interior
-Highly detailed engine compartment
-Engine is accurately represented
-Fighting compartment is truly reproduced
-Crews vision periscopes with clear plastic parts
-Driving compartment interior is fully detailed and correctly done
-All doors and hatches can be assembled open or closed
-Slide-molded tire made by 1 detail in plastic

Kilde: Miniart

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AEC Mk.III Pansrede Bil - MiniArt 35159
AEC Mk.III Pansrede Bil – MiniArt 35159
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