АЕС МК.III Брониран автомобил - 35159 Miniart


ТипБронирана кола

AEC Mk.III Armoured Car

Модел на марката Miniart комплект: АЕС МК.III Брониран автомобил – 35159 Miniart. Модел подробности:
-Highly detailed model -537 plastic parts -52 PE parts -Decals are included -Full-color instruction -All New Tooling. Up-to-date technology using sliding moulds. -Fully detailed interior -Highly detailed engine compartment -Engine is accurately represented -Fighting compartment is truly reproduced -Crews vision periscopes with clear plastic parts -Driving compartment interior is fully detailed and correctly done -All doors and hatches can be assembled open or closed -Slide-molded tire made by 1 detail in plastic
Източник: Miniart
Wait, Searching MiniArt 35159 for you…
АЕС МК.III Брониран автомобил - 35159 Miniart
АЕС МК.III Брониран автомобил – 35159 Miniart
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