Wydawnictwo Militaria 162 - Leningrad 1941

Wydawnictwo Militaria

SeriesWydawnictwo Militaria
SujetLeningrad (1941)

Signed documentation Wydawnictwo Militaria the book "Leningrad 1941 – Wydawnictwo Militaria 162".

The headquarters of Leningrad is the seat of the Russian metropolis now known as St. Petersburg by the Germans during World War II. The German operation was codenamed Operation Nordlicht. Despite colossal human losses (1,800,000 men, including more than a million civilians), the siege, lasting 872 days, which began on September 8, 1941 and ended on January 27, 1944, the city resisted until its disengagement in 1944, during the longest siege in modern history.

Source: Leningrad 1941 on Wikipedia

Military Publishing House 162 - Leningrad 1941
Leningrad 1941 – Military Publishing House 162
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