Wydawnictwo Militaria 162 - Leningrad 1941

Publisher Militaria

SeriePublisher Militaria
RéfOne hundred sixty two
SubjectLeningrad 1941

A documentation signed Publisher Militaria the book "Leningrad 1941 – Wydawnictwo Militaria 162" .

The seat of Leningrad refers to the seat of the Russian metropolis today known as Saint Petersburg by the Germans during the Second world War. The operation German was code-named Operation Nordlicht (Aurora borealis). Despite the human loss was colossal (1 800 000 men, of which over a million civilians), the seat, of a duration of 872 days, beginning 8 September 1941 and ended on the 27 January 1944, the city will resist until his release in 1944, during the siege the longest in modern history.

Source: Leningrad, 1941 in Wikipedia

Wydawnictwo Militaria 162 Leningrad 1941
Leningrad 1941 – Wydawnictwo Militaria 162
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