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Kharkov 1942

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Histoire: La seconde bataille de Kharkov, so named by Wilhelm Keitel, is a counter-attack from the Axis forces against the red Army conducted from 12 to 28 may 1942 on the eastern Front during the Second world War. His goal was to eliminate the bridgehead on the Donets, which has been one of the spaces of manoeuvre of the Soviets. After a counter-attack in winter, which had managed to push the German troops away from Moscow, but also meant the exhaustion of the reserves of the red Army, the offensive of Kharkov was a new attempt of the soviet to regain the strategic initiative, even if she is not able to ensure the element of surprise.

On 12 may 1942, soviet forces under the command of marshal Semion Timoshenko launched in an offensive against the 6th German army from a breakthrough during the counter-attack for the winter. After initial promising signs, the offensive was halted by the German counter-attack. Major errors of several officers of the general staff of the soviet union and of Stalin himself, not being able to accurately estimate the potential German and overestimating their own forces, led to the success of the German counter-attack based "pincer" around the advance of the soviet troops.

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Kharkov 1942 - Wydawnictwo Militaria 200
Kharkov 1942 – Wydawnictwo Militaria 200
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