RSO Pak 75mm Stowage-Ammo-Crew - Verlinden 2679


RéfTwo thousand six hundred seventy nine

Accessories and crew for the “RSO Pak75mm Dragon”

A kit of the brand Verlinden accessories : “RSO Pak 75mm Stowage-Ammo-Crew – Verlinden 2679”.

The lack of mobile artillery in the German army leads to a anti-tank gun PaK 40/1 7.5 cm is to be integrated to each RSO. The result was a vehicle of light weight, mobile, but very vulnerable to weapons anti-tank as it had no armour nor weapons of defence. The combination of the RSO and the PaK 40 was unfortunately applied late, only to 1944/45.

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RSO Pak 75mm Stowage-Ammo-Crew - Verlinden 2679
RSO Pak 75mm Stowage-Ammo-Crew – Verlinden 2679
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