M5A1 accessories set - Black Dog T35056

Black Dog


A set of accessories for the M5A1

A novelty of the 2011 brand Black Dog the set : “M5A1 accessories set – Black Dog T35056”.

Le Light Tank M3 is a light tank produced by the United States during the Second world War and also used by the british forces and of the Commonwealth. His nickname of General Stuart or simply Stuart was given to him by the British in honour of general J. E. B. Stuart of the american Civil war. Some troops used the term non-official Honey while the Americans kept the official designation Light Tank M3. Version M5A1 (Stuart VI) : 6 810 produits. M5 avec tourelle des M3A3, version la plus utilisée par l’US Army en 1943.

Source: M3-M5 on Wikipedia

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M5A1 accessories set - Black Dog T35056
M5A1 accessories set – Black Dog T35056
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