Soviet Tank KV-2 - Zvezda 3608


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A russian KV-2

Une maquette 2011 de la marque Zvezda le kit: “Soviet Light Tank BT-5”.

76-mm tank gun L-11, mounted on KV, didn’t prove to be suffi ciently powerful to fi ght Pillboxes and other fortifi cations. A new KV-2 tank, fi tted with the M-10 152-mm howitzer in the turret, was designed for the destruction of defensive military fortifi cations. The production of the KV-2s started in 1940 and soon after the start of WWII in Russia the production of the vehicles was phased out as this single-purpose tank was an exorbitant luxury in the severe conditions of the initial period of the war.

Source: Soviet Tank KV-2 sur Zvezda

Soviet Tank KV-2 - Zvezda 3608
Soviet Tank KV-2 – Zvezda 3608
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