Tracks for Neubaufahrzeug - Friulmodel ATL-119



Caterpillars for tanks Neubaufahrzeug

Un set d’amélioration de la marque Friulmodel les chenilles : “Tracks for Neubaufahrzeug – Friulmodel ATL-119”.

The series of prototypes German Neubaufahrzeug has been a first attempt to create a heavy tank for the Wehrmacht. Multi-turreted, heavy and slow, these tanks were not in line with the tactics of the Blitzkrieg, and have not been put into production. The prototype, fabricated in stainless steels mild, were used for propaganda purposes, though three took part in the campaign of Norway in 1940, especially in a purpose of intimidation.

Source: Neubaufahrzeug on Wikipedia

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Tracks for Neubaufahrzeug - Friulmodel ATL-119
Tracks for the new construction of vehicle – Friulmodel ATL-119
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