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Title Japanese Armor Vol.3

The tanks the Japanese during the second world war

The light Tank Type 95 Ha-Gō (in japanese 九五式軽戦車 ハ号, Kyugoshiki keisensha Ha-Gō?), also known as the Type 97 Ke-Go, was a light tank used by the imperial japanese army during the Second sino-japanese war and the Second world War. Although it was very slow for a light tank, it proved its qualities against the enemy infantry in campaigns in Manchuria and China, in the sense that the national army revolutionary chinese had very little armour or anti-tank guns to face them. However, he lacked all the same the Type 95 the shield and the weaponry of the allied tanks contemporaries, and it was already considered obsolete at the beginning of the Second world War. More than 2000 units of this char, however, were produites1. The tank Type 95 Ha-Gō was also used by detachments of sailors of the imperial japanese Navy in the Pacific during the second world war.

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Japanese Armor (Vol 3) - TankPower 11
Japanese Armor (Vol 3) – TankPower 11
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