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Title Japanese Armor Vol.2

Japanese tanks during the Second World War

The Light Tank Type 95 Ha-G (九五式軽戦車 ハ号, Kyugoshiki keisensha Ha-Gō), also known as the Type 97 Ke-Go, was a light tank used by the Imperial Japanese Army during The Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. Although he was very slow for a light tank, he demonstrated his qualities against enemy infantry during the campaigns in Manchuria and China, in the sense that the Chinese National Revolutionary Army had very few armored vehicles or anti-tank weapons to deal with them. However, the Type 95 still lacked the armor and armament of contemporary Allied tanks, and it was already considered obsolete at the beginning of World War II. More than 2000 units of this tank were nevertheless produced1. The Type 95 Ha-Gō tank was also used by imperial Japanese Navy naval detachments in the Pacific during World War II.

Source: Wikipedia

Japanese Armor (Vol 2) - TankPower 10
Japanese Armor (Vol 2) – TankPower 10
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