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Corvo Hiller OH-23

PapelHelicóptero leve multiuso

O Corvo Hiller OH-23 foi um helicóptero de observação leve de três lugares baseado no Hiller Model 360. O Modelo 360 foi designado pela empresa como UH-12 ("UH" para a United Helicopters), que voou pela primeira vez em 1948. O treinador OH-23 foi apelidado de "Hiller Killer" pelos pilotos estudantes da Aviação do Exército dos EUA que tiveram que pilotá-lo.

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Mais informações:

The Hiller OH-23 Raven is a light helicopter that was developed by Hiller Aircraft Company in the late 1940s. It was based on the Hiller Model 360, which was the first helicopter to fly across the United States. The OH-23 Raven was used by various military and civilian operators around the world for different purposes, such as observation, training, liaison, medevac, and artillery spotting.
The OH-23 Raven had a single-engine design with two main rotor blades and two tail rotor blades. The engine was either a Franklin O-335 or a Lycoming O-540, depending on the model. The cockpit had a distinctive “goldfish bowl” canopy that offered good visibility for the crew of two or three. The OH-23 Raven could also carry external litters or pods for transporting wounded or cargo.
The OH-23 Raven saw combat action in several wars, including the Korean War and the Vietnam War. It was especially useful for scouting and directing fire support in difficult terrain. One of the most notable missions of the OH-23 Raven was during the My Lai Massacre, when a pilot named Hugh Thompson Jr. intervened to stop the killing of civilians by US soldiers.
The OH-23 Raven was eventually replaced by more advanced helicopters, such as the Hughes OH-6 Cayuse and the Bell UH-1 Iroquois. However, some of them are still flying today as museum pieces or private aircraft. The OH-23 Raven is a remarkable example of a versatile and reliable helicopter that served many roles in different situations.

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