Hiller OH-23C Raven

Hiller OH-23 Raven

RoleMultipurpose light helicopter

The Hiller OH-23 Raven was a three-place, light observation helicopter based on the Hiller Model 360. The Model 360 was designated by the company as the UH-12 (“UH” for United Helicopters), which was first flown in 1948. The OH-23 trainer was jokingly nicknamed the “Hiller Killer” by US Army Aviation student pilots who had to fly it

Source: Hiller OH-23 Raven on Wiki

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Hiller OH-23 Raven Walk Around
PhotographerCees Hendriks
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United Helicopters UH-12C
PhotographerVladimir Yakubov
LocalisationHiller Aviation Museum

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