Churchill Black Prince

Tank Infantry A43 Black Prince

RoleInfantry tank
Built6 prototypes

Tank, Infantry, Black Prince (A43) is the name that was assigned to an experimental development of the Churchill tank with a larger, wider hull and a QF 17-pounder (76 mm) gun. It was named after Edward, the Black Prince, a famous 14th century military leader.

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Churchill Black Prince Walk Around
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The Tank Infantry A43 Black Prince was a British prototype of a heavy tank that was designed to mount a powerful 17-pounder gun in a new turret. The tank was based on the Churchill infantry tank, but with a wider hull and modified suspension to accommodate the increased weight and size.
The Black Prince was intended to provide better firepower and protection than the existing Churchill variants, but it suffered from low mobility and speed due to its outdated engine. Only six prototypes were built in 1945, and none saw combat service. The project was cancelled in favour of the more advanced Centurion tank, which became the first of the British universal tanks.

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