Sukhoi Su-7

Sukhoi Su-7

CountrySoviet Union
TypeSupersonic fighter aircraft
PhotographersPetr Koliba, Pavel Senk

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Photo gallery of a Sukhoi Su-7, The Sukhoi Su-7 (NATO designation name: Fitter-A) was a swept wing, supersonic fighter aircraft developed by the Soviet Union in 1955. Originally, it was designed as tactical, low-level dogfighter, but was not successful in this role. On the other hand, soon-introduced Su-7B series became the main Soviet fighter-bomber and ground-attack aircraft of the 1960s. The Su-7 was rugged in its simplicity but its shortcomings included short range and low weapon load.

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Wait, Searching Sukhoi Su-7 for you…
Su-7B Fitter Walk Around
PhotographerTaras Tkachenko
Suchoj SU-7 BKL Walk Around

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