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Fairey III

Rolereconnaissance aircraft
First flight14 September 1917

The Fairey Aviation Company Fairey III was a family of British reconnaissance biplanes that enjoyed a very long production and service history in both landplane and seaplane variants. First flying on 14 September 1917, examples were still in use during the Second World War.

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The Fairey III was a British biplane that served as a reconnaissance and bomber aircraft for both land and sea operations. It was developed by Fairey Aviation Company in 1917 to meet the requirements of the Royal Naval Air Service during World War I.
The Fairey III had a wooden fuselage covered with fabric and a metal frame. It could be fitted with either a wheeled or a floatplane undercarriage, depending on the mission. The Fairey III had a crew of three: a pilot, an observer and a gunner. It was powered by various engines, such as the Sunbeam Maori, the Rolls-Royce Eagle or the Napier Lion.
The Fairey III could carry up to 70 kg of bombs and two machine guns for self-defense. The Fairey III had a long service life and was used by several countries until World War II.

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