Daimler Armoured Car Mk II

Daimler Armoured Car Mk II

TypeArmoured car
PhotographVladimir Yakubov
DescriptionAlbum of 139 photos walk-around of a «Daimler Armoured Car Mk II»

Photo gallery of a Daimler Armoured Car Mk II, The Daimler Armoured Car was a successful British armoured car design of the Second World War which continued in service into the 1950s. It was designed for scouting and liaison work but could prove useful in ‘police actions’ as a wheeled tank.

Mark II: improved turret, modified gun mount, better radiator, driver escape hatch incorporated into roof, WP Grenade container fitted in turret and smoke generator container modified.

Source: Daimler Armoured Car Mk II on Wikipedia

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