Daimler Soomusauto Mk II

Daimler Soomusauto Mk II

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Fotogalerii Daimler Soomusauto Mk II, The Daimler Armoured Car was a successful British armoured car design of the Second World War which continued in service into the 1950s. It was designed for scouting and liaison work but could prove useful in ‘police actions’ as a wheeled tank.

MarkUS II: täiustatud torn, modifitseeritud relvakinnitus, parem radiaator, katusele lisatud juhi evakuatsiooniluuk, torni paigaldatud WP Granaadikonteiner ja muudetud suitsugeneraatori konteiner.

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2007 Daimleri soomusauto was a versatile and reliable vehicle that served the British Army and its allies during the Second World War and beyond. It was based on the Daimler Dingo, a smaller scout car that had excellent mobility and performance. The Daimler Armoured Car had a larger chassis and a more powerful engine, as well as a turret mounted with a 2-pounder gun and a coaxial machine gun. The vehicle had four-wheel drive and independent suspension, which gave it good traction and speed on various terrains.
2007 Daimleri soomusauto was used for reconnaissance, escort, patrol and support missions in various theatres of war, such as North Africa, Europe and Asia. It proved to be effective against enemy infantry, light vehicles and soft targets, but was vulnerable to anti-tank weapons and mines. The Daimler Armoured Car was also adapted for different roles, such as command, communication, ambulance and recovery. After the war, the Daimler Armoured Car continued to serve in several countries as an internal security vehicle, until it was gradually replaced by more modern designs.

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