Bristol Blenheim Mk IV - Walk Around

Bristol Blenheim Mk IV

TypeLight bomber

Photo gallery on a Bristol Blenheim Mk IV, The Bristol Blenheim, is a light bomber fast triplace british in the Second world War. From a civil project, this twin-engine aircraft was the first monoplane metal-wing cantilever to enter service with the RAF. Faster than the majority of hunters in service in 1936, he proved disappointing to the test of the first fighting in 1939, but occupied an important place in the device with the british military at the beginning of the Second world War.

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Bristol Blenheim Mk IV
Wait, Searching Bristol Blenheim Mk IV for you…
Blenheim Mk IV Walk Around
PhotographerAndrey Sinchuk
LocationRoyal Museum of the Army and of Military History

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Bristol Blenheim IV Walk Around
PhotographersCees Hendriks, Meindert de Vreeze
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