Dornier Do-27

Dornier Do-27

RoleSTOL licht nutsvliegtuigen
Eerste vlucht27 juni 1955

De Dornier do 27 was een Duits eenmotorig STOL-nutsvliegtuig, vervaardigd door Dornier GmbH (later DASA Dornier, Fairchild-Dornier). Configuratie was een klassiek high-wing, "tail-drager" vliegtuig met vast landingsgestel.

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The Dornier Do-27 was a single-engine STOL utility aircraft that was designed and manufactured by Dornier GmbH, a German company that resumed its aviation activities after the Second World War. The Do-27 was the first mass-produced aircraft in Germany following the war, and it was used by various military and civilian operators around the world. The Do-27 had a high-wing configuration with fixed landing gear and a spacious cabin that could accommodate four to six passengers. The aircraft was powered by a Lycoming GO-480 engine that gave it a maximum speed of 248 km/h and a range of 843 km. The Do-27 was known for its excellent short-field performance and its wide, comfortable cabin.
The Do-27 was developed from the Do-25, which was initially designed for a Spanish military requirement but was not selected for production. The Do-27 was produced in both Spain and Germany, with a total of 628 aircraft built between 1955 and 1965. The Do-27 was also developed into the Do-28 and the Do-29 variants. The Do-27 served with several air forces, such as the German Air Force, the Portuguese Air Force, the Spanish Air Force and the Israeli Air Force. Some of the aircraft were also used for scientific and humanitarian missions, such as wildlife conservation and aerial photography. The Do-27 was a versatile and reliable aircraft that played an important role in the revival of the German aerospace industry after the war.

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