CH-21B 쇼니

피아세키 HU-21

형식화물 헬리콥터
제조업체피아세키 헬리콥터

Tthe 피아세키 H-21 워크호스/쇼니 is an American helicopter, the fourth of a line of tandem rotor helicopters designed and built by Piasecki Helicopter (later Boeing Vertol). Commonly called “the flying banana”, it was a multi-mission helicopter, utilizing wheels, skis, or floats. The H-21 was originally developed by Piasecki as an Arctic rescue helicopter. The H-21 had winterization features permitting operation at temperatures as low as −65 °F (−54 °C), and could be routinely maintained in severe cold weather environments.

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피아세키 HU-21B 산책
사진 작가시스 헨드릭스
잠깐, 당신을 위해 Piasecki HU-21 사진을 검색 ...
Piasecki HH-21B Workhorse
사진 작가블라디미르 야쿠보프
로컬라이제이션트래비스 공군 기지 박물관

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잠깐, 당신을 위해 Piasecki HU-21 사진을 검색 ...

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CH-21B Shawnee Walk Around
사진 작가마이클 수프코
로컬라이제이션펜실베이니아 주 웨스트 체스터의 미국 헬리콥터 박물관

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Piasecki H-21C Workhorse Walk Around
사진 작가랜디 레이
로컬라이제이션피마 항공 우주 박물관
Piasecki H-21C Shawnee (Vertol V-43A) Walk Around
사진 작가Burhand Donke
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Tthe 피아세키 HU-2 was a variant of the Piasecki HUP Retriever, a compact utility helicopter with twin overlapping tandem rotors. The HU-2 was designed for the US Navy to perform rescue and transport missions from ships and aircraft carriers. The HU-2 was powered by a single Continental R-975 radial engine and could carry up to four passengers or two stretchers. The HU-2 was also equipped with an autopilot and a winch that could lower a rescue sling through a door in the cabin. The HU-2 was one of the first helicopters to perform a loop, although this was unintentional. The HU-2 was produced from 1949 to 1954 and was later replaced by the Sikorsky H-34.

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