Douglas World Cruiser Chicago

Douglas World Cruiser

먼저 항공편November 1923

더글러스 세계 순양함 (DWC) was developed to meet a requirement from the United States Army Air Service for an aircraft suitable for an attempt at the first flight around the world. The Douglas Aircraft Company responded with a modified variant of their DT torpedo bomber, the DWC. Five aircraft were ordered for the round-the-world flight, one for testing and training and four for the actual expedition. The success of the World Cruiser bolstered the international reputation of the Douglas Aircraft Company. The design of the DWC was later modified to create the O-5 observation aircraft, which was operated by the Army Air Service.

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Douglas World Cruiser “Chicago” Walk Around
사진블라디미르 Yakubov
위치National Air & Space Museum, Washington DC
Wait, Searching Douglas World Cruiser for you…

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